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Personal and Life Coaching

Where you stumble, there your treasure lies – Joseph Campbell

I work with people to help them find answers. Their personal answers to life’s questions. What is my purpose? How can I become more confident and overcome what is holding me back? How can I make sense of my relationships? How do I decide what to do next in my career?

Events in our lives can easily trigger self-doubt and anxiety. We might feel stuck and unable to move forward. And we only get so far on these subjects alone or thinking with friends. We need someone who will walk with us and help us find the answers. Our answers.

How we work together

As a Personal and Life Coach, I do this. I help my clients find their essential selves. I support them in moving towards living their ideal day, month, year. The life they truly want. In a safe and warm environment, I offer insights, tools, and strategies combined with a deep and person-centered approach to help my clients find their very own answers. Together, we work on:

    • How to approach challenges, stress, and difficult situations in a resilient way;
    • Exploring purpose for life and work and creating robust plans to achieve them;
    • Learning from life’s defining moments;
    • Developing confidence and overcoming limiting self-belief and our inner critic.

I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be. Joseph Campbell

I provide monthly or quarterly Coaching packages with unlimited coaching sessions during the period.

I also offer thematic Coaching Programmes, designed to especially focus on one particular area:

Building Confidence.

This 6-week one-to-one coaching package is designed to help build sustainable improvements in confidence. Working with my own confidence model, I bring together neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness.

Finding your Purpose – Planning your Career

This 6-week one-to-one coaching package is designed to support my clients on a journey to greater clarity about their next steps in their career. Using a structured process of looking back for learning, identifying present-day highs and lows, and creating a clear vision of the future, we together help them plan an action plan to take them towards their desired future.

Each packages include:

    • 10 hours of coaching;
    • Handouts and exercises;
    • Recommended reading, watching, and listening.

Schedule a 30-minute discovery Zoom meeting to meet me and learn more.