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Finding your Purpose Podcast

Mar 17, 2022 | Career

We hear a lot about the importance of having a clear sense of purpose. Yet for many people it can be difficult to know what their purpose is – or even if it really matters.

In this episode Jean explores the idea of purpose – what it is and why it matters. She shares practical ways of helping you to become clearer about your purpose in your work.

The episode includes

    • Jean’s own experience of working on getting closer to her purpose
    • A context of why knowing your purpose matters
    • The concept that finding our purpose is an iterative journey
    • What to do if your current role is not aligned with your purpose
    • Strategies for identifying your purpose if you are unsure

Simon Sinek: https://simonsinek.com/

Daniel Pink: https://www.danpink.com/books/drive/

The Great Work of your Life – by Stephen Cope: https://www.stephencope.com/shop/books/the-great-work-of-your-life-a-guide-for-the-journey-to-your-true-calling/

Hi, I’m Jean. Coach. Teacher. Podcaster.

I’m a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, with over 20 years of coaching experience and 30 years of working with leaders in organizations. I’m the Founder of Bailey Balfour Asia Pacific, an organization consultancy, where I’m also Creator and Programme Director of our Accredited Coach Training Programs.